Looking Back at 2019

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2020 is almost here , not only this year but the whole decade went by so fast isn't it ? No matter how many plans and lists you make every year there will be things which you never planned or not even thought of. My favorite thing to do at the end of the year is  to review and look back at everything that I did or didn’t do. I don’t know for how long I have been doing this but it has become a ritual now.  This year gave me chances to push my boundaries . This year is special for so many reasons and here are few of them.

Birth of Saiyam (My Sister’s son and mine too )

I was waiting for this day so eagerly and when it happened I flew to Bangkok to hold those tiny little hands. The feeling was heavenly that can’t not be defined in words.  Saiyam’s birth has made me love everyone and everything so dearly, I have become more grateful.  

I have become a kid all over again and I want grow with him, exactly like him - curious and clueless all over again. Jan,31 2019 will be always special for me :)

Self Published  My First  Book

Yes I did , I never thought I will do it this year since I am working on something else(hopefully that sees the light of the day someday). All these stories happened during work and later I re-wrote them the way I wanted to.  It was a spontaneous decision as these stories were just lying in office  and I wanted to share them with people. One fine day, I planned to give it a form of book and that’s how I compiled my 4 stories into a book Kahaniyon Ka Mausam. It is so good to see my stories on Amazon, best part you can  read it  on Kindle app . Oh and also recently Himachali Media did an article on my book, and I was super happy and grateful to see that .

Legalized Our Relationship

Yes me and my partner suddenly decided to legalized our relationship this year and got married. Zero investment other than the legal form fee etc J  It was a very private ceremony where two families were present (actually parents- no-one else). We wanted to keep it that way. No wastage of money and that’s how I always thought I would do it , by just simply signing  the papers J  We both decided this when we started dating now we are married and working in different cities , nothing has changed, Just the way it was before July. I am proud of " US" for making this decision even when many people may have felt  left out. For us, it was just like any other regular day we didn't want to make big deal out of it. 
This is how we looked on our wedding day :D 
From environment point of view I feel this was the best decision that we both made, no waste , no extravaganza and no money involved. We both believe in enjoying little things and spending on experiences and learning new things rather than spending on big fat wedding.

Explored My Childhood Fantasies

Well, this year I  traveled to places I heard the name of in my Childhood it was a dream come true.  I cherished each trip we went on this year.  Nanital , Almora and Bundi all three will always be super  special. Also went on a Photo-walk which was amazing experience, met some of the amazing photographers from Canada.

Switched To Menstrual Cup

In the starting of this year I finally switched to menstrualCup. I was skeptical initially but now I can’t recommend magical little cup enough. Haven't bought a single pad after switching to menstrual cup.

Slow Travel and Sustainable Way of Living

This year I just took one (back and fro) flight to Bangkok other than that I tried to reduce my carbon footprints. I traveled by trains and buses. Switched to bamboo toothbrush which I am loving. I try to carry cloth bag to buy vegetable and other stuff for the kitchen from the market.  Using 2 water bottles (stainless steel) , one at workplace and one at home and for travel. Trying to lead a life of low waste and trying to make small changes by making these small small choices on everyday basis. Also, I don’t own a car , I ride bicycle. I hope Saiyam will learn and appreciate these choices :)

Planned Trip With My Parents(Jan,2020)

I have worked in different states of India and it never happened that I took my parents to the states where I was working. This is the very first time I have planed something like this and it is finally happening. I am going on a trip with my parents in January and they are visiting me finally. I am so excited for this trip. I owe a lot to them, in-fact we all owe a lot to our parents.

Started Posting Content on YouTube  

I have a YouTube channel for a long time now but somehow I used to prefer writing and photographs over videos, only blogging to be specific. But lately I have come to realize that Audio Visual medium is very effective and popular not many people likes to read. Today many people consume Content in video form, so I have started posting videos on YouTube. To be honest , so far I am loving it.

My Views About CAA & NRC - (Citizenship Amendment Act & National Population Register)

- Whatever is going on in the country right now and for past few months is the lowest we could go as a society. So many lives have been disturbed and it has shaken me to the core. Peace is what is missing in our society right now. We need to relearn to live happily with each-other. May be learn again to be human , learn again that Humanity is the only religion we are born with.
On professional  front,I feel there are times when I feel I should be doing more with the time that I have . I feel I have a lot to learn, do , explore and create and I am not doing enough. This feeling is very constant and in a way it pushes me to do the things I wish to do and create.

What did I Learn in 2019 ?  

The biggest learning of this year was to be present more in the moment. Spend more time with your loved ones. Last but not the least taking the charge and speaking up for the things you strongly feel about even when it is difficult as hell, because you have got one life. I have learned to be more  bolder and fearless

Things I Struggled With 

The daily and only struggle is to push myself little more to do the things I love to do. 

Looking Forward to 2020

I feel grateful for 2019 for all the good bad or ugly experiences that I had , it only made me stronger and a better human being. I am looking forward to 2020 with curiosity and hope.  I hope my country people live in peace and harmony . I hope we all realize that Humanity is our only caste and religion. I hope we all re-learn to love not hate. I wish to grow as human being  in 2020 and meet more people. I want to be more present in the moment and live each and every moment to the fullest. Spending more time with loved ones,  slow travel , sustainable lifestyle and more content is what I see myself  doing in 2020. 

This one is  For You :) 

Before we welcome new year with open arms , I would like to thank each one of you for sticking around. I can’t thank you guys enough, I am forever grateful for your love and support. I wish each one of you have a great year , which will bring you the things you dreamed of and worked hard for.
Happy New Year Everyone :)

P.S – How was your 2019 ?  do tell me in the comment section below. Would love to read everything that your have to share :) 

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