Why I Switched To Bamboo Toothbrush

7:21 AM

Back Story- The Middle Class Upbringing 

Before I tell you guys why I switched to bamboo toothbrush, there is a back story . So, I come from a middle class family and when you are brought up in one such family by the most amazing parents you inherit few things by birth and some over the time. While I was growing up I always saw my mother giving old clothes to people who can re- use them. All these clothes used to be in good condition. Then I saw my elder sister giving her clothes and I automatically started following this ritual. I still follow this religiously, when a new pair of jeans comes home the oldest has to go.  Well, I learned the art of downsizing and consuming mindfully since my childhood. Back then I didn't know the big picture but slowly I started to understand it better. Every small action that we take has its own impact. There are so many things I strongly feel about since my childhood and now is the time to make a difference in every little way that I can.

A Small Step Towards Sustainable Life 

I am not saying I am living  100 % zero waste life but I  was and still am always mindful about what I consume. I truly believe that every small action counts and that's how I function. Last year I Switched to Menstrual Cup and I feel so happy & proud about it.  I haven't bought a single plastic sanitary pads after switching to Menstrual cup. I am trying to make small efforts and changes in my everyday life  and that's my small steps towards a sustainable lifestyle. 

Switched To Bamboo Toothbrush For Various Reasons 

I recently came to know about bamboo toothbrush and next thing I knew was replacing my Toothbrush with Bamboo Toothbrush. I  am using bamboo MINIMO toothbrush and it's easily available on Amazon (not a paid blog post). I didn't throw the plastic one because it will be lying in the open somewhere because it is not biodegradable. I am planing to re- use it to clean some stuff like jars or earrings etc. Tell me if anything else can be done with this. Switched to bamboo toothbrush for various reasons. Here are some of the reasons why I switched to Bamboo Toothbrush.  
1. Bamboo is biodegradable
2. Brushes are  made from  organic material 
3. They are naturally antimicrobial 
4. Eco friendly 

Now that I am using bamboo toothbrush I have already started recommending it to other people and this was the reason to write this post just to spread the word. Along with toothbrush I have started to carry my cloth bag for buying vegetables, fruit & grocery shopping I say No to plastic bags. I still have a long way to go. I have not gone Zero waste yet but trying everyday to learn and grow. There is a long list that I want to do in terms of getting into zero waste lifestyle. Everything starts with a single step :) 
What are the small efforts you have been making lately to make this earth a beautiful place to live for the generations to come ? Leave your comment below. 

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