What Life Has Taught Me ?

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When I say LIFE,  I mean- people, places, experiences and  situations. Life has been the greatest teacher or Guru. I come from a place where Journalism , Radio  Traveling alone were very new words or a different world. Yet I wanted to do it.I have been a curious kid since childhood. One thing I always wanted to have is - GROWTH  in life even in a time when I didn't even know the meaning of growth. I always dreamed big and tried my best to achieve at least half of that. Starting at young age helped & shaped me into the person I am today. My choices , decisions and dreams in life has taught me many things. Here are some of the things I would like to share which life has taught me. 
1. Don''t let People Control Your Life - We live in a society which is always ready with different opinions. I learnt this very early in my life that this is my life I don't have to let people control it. I take creative criticism from the people who I know genuinely care  for me. Other than that it is never helpful if you don't cut the extra noise in life. The biggest problem people face today is being afraid of doing the things they love to do or want to do  just because they think people around them will laugh at them. It is your life, so  have the remote control in your hands. 

2. Do what you Feel is Right For You Not What People Tell You or Expect You To Do - People are going to tell you hundred things and trust me if you ask yourself , your heart knows what it exactly wants. And If you fail own it and move forward in life . 

3. Say No To Things You Don't Support And Don't Want to Get Involved in - When you start working or go to college it becomes little difficult to find your own voice because everyone wants to belong and sometimes we don't speak up for ourselves . Always have a voice and say it out loud if you don't like something. 

4. Know That it is Okay if People Say You Are An Introvert or Boring Person - I know so many people  who try to fit in , say and do the things others are doing so they can be part of a group. No, you really don't have to do that. It is normal to be an introvert, it is normal to like the things no-one else likes. Don't ever push yourself into something you don't enjoy doing or not comfortable doing. No big deal, I have faced this many times. I like to have one on one conversations with people. I get awkward many times. It is normal, do it your way. 

5. Get Yourself Involved in Something That Gives You True Joy - For me it is books and writing.for you it might be something else. Find something that you think your will enjoy doing.  

6. Don't Buy Stuff You Don't Need - I spend and consume wisely.  Even if I don't earn much I still save, how ? I don't like to collect extra stuff that I don't need. Don't ever buy clothes to fit in or impress people, those who are meant stay in your life will accept the real you.  I buy what I need and rest of the amount I spend on travel and books. 

7. Don't Let People Put You in A Box You Can Be Many Things At a Time-  You can be anything you want don't let people put you in the boxes. Don't try to argue and prove people wrong just keep moving forward in life they will understand when they have to see your grow. 

8. Don't Be People Pleaser - It is Okay if People Don't Like You. Filter negative energies from your life they wont let you grow. Make sure to stay positive. 

9. Become the Best Person of Your Dreams - Focus on your life and try and grow each day. Your life is what you make it. Try to utilize your time as much as possible. Think about the things you love and do them with all your heart. Seek help, learn and grow. Learn new things :) 

10. Stay Healthy - Do some physical work. I work in a 9-5 job and love to eat , I am a big time foodie but I make sure I stay healthy. I do skipping & cycling. I walk to my office on foot (back & forth) . From November to March I make sure I come back for lunch (on foot).

11. Spend Your Time With the People You Love. It is normal if you have 5 people in your list or may be 2. Make sure you share your ideas and ask them how they are doing in life. Call them and spend time with them whenever possible.  This will make you a better person.

12. Enjoy Little Things in Life - Life is very simple so keep it that way. Don't complicate things because of how other people define it. Your normal will always be different than other people. Find time to laugh, take a walk and being weird at times. Live the way what feels right according to you not how other people define it. Enjoy every little thing in life.

13. Be Open , Don't Judge People  - When we are open and less judgmental we can enjoy life as it comes. Be open to new things & opportunities. Rigid behavior or attitude will not take you anywhere. I met so many people at different age and stage only because I was open and less judgmental. I could learn from each one of them because I was open.  You can not enjoy life if you keep judging people. It won't take you anywhere.

14. Surround Yourself With Positive People - Be positive and have same energy around you, stay away from toxic people in life. When you know someone is trying to pull you down or making you feel small , just try to keep distance from such people. Life is short to waste your energy on toxic people, walk away from toxic relationships, it won't be easy but that is what will keep you positive and happy.

15. Support Someone else's Dreams -  Help someone in need. Just be there to support your loved ones and their dreams. Encourage them to dream big, listen to their ideas or whatever they are going through. If needed guide them, or help them financially. This is what our parents has taught us and this is something which makes you humble and keeps you grounded.

P. S - I really feel you become the best version of yourself  if you love yourself ,  accept yourself  and stay true to yourself. And know that , you don't have to fake it , to make it no matter what 🙂

What are the things that life has taught you ? leave your comments below. 

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